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About Our Master Classes

The London Philharmonic Orchestra’s Education & Community Program opens up the orchestra and its repertoire to new audiences and extends the reach of their music–making beyond the concert hall.

Master Class at LaGuardia High School

The purpose of the Master Classes is to enhance and compliment the music education of thousands of young people throughout the U.K. and United States to offer encouragement and lessons to young children and aspiring artists as well as vital support and training to emerging professional musicians on the threshold of their careers.

During the Orchestra’s U.S. Tours they have provided lessons with their renowned faculty members giving the necessary guidance that every young artist needs. These sessions are offered at local New York City schools of the arts and give young musicians a unique learning experience through these intensive group lessons.

Master Class at LaGuardia High School

How to Apply

For more information please contact us or contact Susan Mathisen at 917–690–1750.

A Student Writes

“The music was magical. The London Philharmonic Orchestra played brilliant pieces . . . [and] the entire performance was a truly unique take on a classic . . . this version was like no other I had seen or indeed heard!”
—  Akila, a student on the BrightSparks concert of “Romeo and Juliet” at

Recent Audience Tweets

“Bravo #WarRequiem last night @LPOrchestra. Really brought out the strange meeting of mass and poems. Chorus on top form. Bostridge sublime.”  —  @jrchumphries

“Superlative War Requiem from @LPOrchestra. Towering, wonderful music, superbly played and sung. So moving - thank you.”  —  @jennyfowler13